Hairy Man Festival Parking Information

Parking for the Hairy Man Festival will be along the side streets surrounding the park in areas that do not have driveways on them. If you live close enough and are able to walk to the event from your home, that is highly encouraged.

   - Liberty Walk will be closed from O’Connor to the crosswalk right after Tokinese street from 9am to 6pm.
   - Only residents will be allowed to enter through the barricades.

Please DO NOT Park in these areas:

   - In Cat Hollow Pool Parking Lot-This lot is reserved for staff,  handicap, and event bands only (until FULL)
   - In the Disc Golf Parking Lot- This lot is reserved for event vendors only (until FULL)
   - In front of any houses

Please respect all posted street signs as towing will be enforced     

   - DO NOT park on fire lanes,
   - DO NOT park in front of hydrants,
   - DO NOT park in grass areas
   - Pick up any trash you might create
   - Do NOT loiter in these parking lots
   - Do NOT consume alcohol in parking lots
The Williamson County Sheriff's Department will issue tickets for improper parking violations.

Please contact with any questions.

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