Request a Variance from Water Restrictions

The District's Drought Contingency Plan specifies certain restrictions on the use of water during drought conditions.  The Plan allows for variances to the water restrictions for irrigating newly installed landscaping for new homes and businesses and for the filling of swimming pools.  For additional information related to the drought and the District's response, visit the Drought Information Page.

Use the form below to request a variance from the District's current water restrictions.  You will receive an email once your request has been processed.

 Name of Customer/Account Holder:  
 Street Address for which variance is requested:  
 Phone Number:  
 Email Address:  
 Account Number (found on water bill):  
 This Variance is Requested For:   Landscaping for new home/business
    Filling a swimming pool
    Other (explain below)
 Time Period for Variance (start and end date):